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Successful companies trust Tensid EQS

Well above 100 companies in Switzerland put their trust in and Tensid EQS to manage communication processes that are critical to their business operations. Every day, our award-winning technology gives them a competitive edge. Tensid EQS helped to re-invent corporate communications by cloud-based services more than a decade ago.

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Why boosts communication processes


The basics of successful communication are the essential functions and processes of


Sit back and relax: works as reliably as a Swiss clockwork


Everything should be as simple as possible, but not too simplistic: is easy to understand and gets everything right.


News agencies, portals, stock markets, regulators, databases, social media: in the universe of everything is linked up in a smart way.


Our support team stands ready around the clock: our competent, friendly and efficient services are always available.


The world moves. The open solution adapts to every organization and keeps up with its further progress.