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Working hard to improve cloud-based software solutions

Always the best software solutions for Corporate Communications

Tensid EQS "always provides the best software solution for Corporate Communications and Investor Relations". This mission statement commits us to rigorous quality management and end-to-end control of the entire production and maintenance process.

The software and all of its components are programmed in Switzerland. Each bit and byte is subject to our quality control. This makes our solutions for corporate and financial communications unique, robust and cutting-edge. Users always profit from a technological advantage and the production process in Switzerland. Tensid EQS boasts a cost-efficient structure. We do not waste resources on senseless marketing, aggressive sales or inefficient management. Investments go directly into product development and thus secure "progress for our customers".

Again and again, our commitment to innovation resulted in novel applications and solutions, such as the perfect electronic corporate identity with digital signatures for corporate communication processes, or automated invitation processes. Find out more under milestones

Commitment to vocational education and training

Tensid EQS offers places for vocational training for many years already. We believe that young people should have the opportunity to discover complex technologies and learn how to master them.

We are Tensid EQS

Tensid EQS is a Swiss family business, which independently achieved leadership in innovation and quality management for Investor and Public Relations. It provides the benchmark communications solution - Market Communication Office®, which manages Investor Relations, Public Relations or integrated Corporate Communications. Tensid EQS' tried and tested technology and continuous innovation process secure our customers a lead in terms of speed, reliability and cost-efficiency. Our strong database design allows sophisticated strategies for the distribution of messages and subsequent performance controls. Our round-the-clock support ensures the quality of services.

Establish standards in digital communications with Tensid EQS.

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