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Integrated and effective corporate websites

Internet presence and mobile for companies

Integrated Corporate Communications are the result of complex interactions. Internet presence is one of the many elements of a genuinely holistic approach. Target audiences have to be met with precision both on the web and on mobile devices. Tensid EQS has the right solutions for this challenge.

Many sections of corporate websites can be fully automated. Thanks to its in-house technology and experience for Investor Relations and Corporate Communications Tensid EQS is up to the task, as demonstrated by our extensive cooperation with stock markets and regulators.

Tried and tested project management

Tensid EQS offers integrated and highly reliable project management for the web and mobile presence of companies. The client can concentrate fully on the desired effect of its integrated Corporate Communications. Tensid EQS delivers the rest, as reliable as a Swiss clockwork.

De-mystified "Enterprise Content Management"

There are countless Enterprise Content Management systems. For more than a decade Tensid EQS uses reliable open source platforms, such as Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL. This guarantees the use of tried and tested as well as cost-efficient technologies that are always up-to-date. It also ensures user friendliness, clarity, effectiveness, security and reliability.

Management cockpit

Communicators need to know if and how they reach their target audiences. Thanks to its mature and easy-to-understand statistical software, Tensid EQS provides hard facts on the use of, and user behavior on, corporate website, all in near real time. Smart reports provide details on the return on investment for integrated Cooperation Communications.

Maintenance and support

Tensid EQS' client service team is available 24/7, 365 days a year. The level of service can be tailored to the needs of each company.

Tensid EQS invests into soft- and hardware all the time. Clients can be sure that their solutions are always the state of the art. Both technical and content aspects of corporate websites are served in an optimal manner.

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