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Elegant & clever: Financial Communications with

Effective Financial Communications

Effective financial communication is oriented towards the needs of financial markets. All actors that are interested in a particular company, be it shareholders, analysts, potential investors, journalists, employees, clients or suppliers, are treated on an equal basis. Communication focuses on essentials, while all information can be sourced, is up-to-date and continuously available. is a cutting-edge solution for modern Investor Relations. Web or mobile, works across platforms. As a pioneer in the cloud for more than a decade, sets the pace for technology-based integrated Corporate Communications in Switzerland. offers all essential functions for Corporate Communications, ranging from a modern contact module, integrated invitation service, an intelligent questions-and-answers module (corporate language) with a smart note application, to an elegant communication module. Financial Communications should not only be effective, but also aesthetic. is connected to all decisive media, stock markets, regulators and news agencies, such Bloomberg, ThomsonReuters or Dow Jones, and is linked to social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn. gives firm control over Financial Communications at all times and saves precious time. has been developed and perfected over many years - recognized by an award for innovation - and features exceptional speed, security and reliability. All data is stored in a FINMA-RS 08/7 audited server center (audited by KPMG) in Switzerland. The resulting high level of security is essential for listed corporations. meets all requirements of financial relations experts, is a top quality, 100% Swiss- made software and is offered at a competitive price.

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What our customers say

«The user friendliness, the customization options and the technology of give us the platform to communicate in a targeted and professional manner with journalists, analysts, shareholders, investors and other interested actors

Remo Gross, Adecco

«Another advantage is the availability of Tensid EQS: Thanks to its round-the-clock service we could communicate with investors in time.»

Andreas Schneiter, Dufry

Why boosts communication processes


The basics of successful communication are the essential functions and processes of


Sit back and relax: works as reliably as a Swiss clockwork


Everything should be as simple as possible, but not too simplistic: is easy to understand and gets everything right.


News agencies, portals, stock markets, regulators, databases, social media: in the universe of everything is linked up in a smart way.


Our support team stands ready around the clock: our competent, friendly and efficient services are always available.


The world moves. The open solution adapts to every organization and keeps up with its further progress.