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Cloud-based software solutions for communication needs

Founded in 2000, the Tensid EQS Ltd. is the leading provider of integrated systems for Investor Relations, Public Relations and Corporate Communications in Switzerland. Its services are widely used by listed and non-listed companies as well as various organizations.

Its cutting-edge cloud-based software solution is the Swiss benchmark for electronic Corporate Communications. It enables standardized and cost-saving communication processes that are tailored to each corporation and guarantee a high level of security. simplifies communication in networked environments in an intelligent manner. Its rich and numerous functions include: handling and administration of content and data, perfect synchronization with corporate websites, integrated mobile solutions, broad spread and analysis of distribution channels, connection to social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn), invitation service, cloud storage, access to contact details of journalists and data on social media, monitoring and analysis of overall media presence as well as by distribution channel.

More and more corporate websites and information portals rely on Tensid EQS. Why? Its technological expertise and services enable effective, cost-efficient and easily managedcommunication processes of companies and organizations.

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